We proudly offer only the finest security systems to ensure your safety at all times.
Our products can provide practical solutions based on your requirements.
Our aim is to bring advance technology and practicality in order to ensure your safety.


Every business and home has unique security requirements. Our site surveys allow us to design exactly the right solution for your needs, giving you peace of mind, knowing that the people and property you care about are safe and secure.

SecuriteOne designs, installs and maintains home and business security systems across Cyprus. If you are worried about how best to keep your business or your home safe and secure, get in touch with our Team.

A complete range of commercial grade, expandable, communicating control panels featuring integration compatibility with home automation.

CCTV home or Business security solutions allow you to know exactly what is happening in your area and provide the peace of mind you are looking for.

Our range of CCTV cameras will provide a full record of exactly what happens inside and outside your Promises. These images can be accessed wherever you have an internet connection. On your phone via 3G/4G, on your laptop at work or when you are on holiday.

SecuriteOne utilises The Most Advantage Technology with The latest Futures on CCTV technology, Video Analytics And Full Integration VMS Platforms.

Our highly trained, licensed fire alarm and life-safety systems team will design, install, monitor, service, test and inspect the technologies you need to protect your employees, customers and assets.

Personalised commercial fire alarm systems to fit your building.

Whether you own a small shop, house or manage a giant warehouse facility, we can design a system that fits your needs.

Insurance cost savings are available to companies whose security system and business fire alarm provider are certified and accredited of with high quality European standards.

Installing door access control systems will ensure your buildings are secure and that only the right people can get in.

Monitoring and recording employees during working hours can be a contributing factor in minimizing costs and increase control over the company’s operations in modern business.

Such systems are used for the direct and correct recording of an employee’s attendance by calculating their stay-in time and therefore provide data automatically to the payroll and costing system.

Video Intercom product lineup eases communications between visitors, home owners, and property management centers. Digital Intercom products come in a versatile lineup of IP, Wi-Fi, 2-wire, and analog-based solutions for houses, small apartments, and large apartments.

With the plastic optical fiber technology, the security and anti-theft systems we designed have no false alarms, which are usually generated by the weather, vegetation or animals

Plastic Fiber System is made in Italy and is one of the most up-to-date and reliable ways to protect exterior perimeter spaces, with zero false alarms. This product is a unique patent of the Naria Security Systems. Apart from perimeter protection, this system also provides vast protection options applied to products and equipment like Perimeter Fence Intrusion Detection, Anti-theft System for Solar Panels, Equipment Anti-theft Detection, Underground Copper Wiring Anti-theft Solution.

SecuriteOne offers a vast variety of technologically advanced anti-theft systems which are modernised and offer the customer the best safety measures.

Through the implementation of a security survey, our company recommends and promotes the best and most trustworthy security solutions. The system will be cost effective, always depending upon the customer’s choice, and will offer the necessary safety measures according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

According to the statistics, every robbery in a shop or house takes less than 3 minutes to be committed. For this reason, it is always necessary to have an additional system that can disorient and stop intruders in the first seconds of an attempted theft. With our products, you will be 100% sure that nothing will happen to your belongings. That’s why you need a fogging system to protect your properties from the first seconds.