Whatever your needs, we have the expertise to ensure the highest level
of security, keeping you protected at all costs


Due to the increased demand in safety, Securité One, has implemented this unique cost effective service that is available to individuals or Businesses, who require high levels of security.

The personnel of the company go through the fundamentals of security training as it is required by Cyprus Legislation.

They are all certified and approved by the Chief of Police of Cyprus. At a later stage, our guards are educated according to the requests and desires of each client in order to follow all the customers policies and procedures.

A foremost role in any well-organized event is its security. Our expertise will ensure the safety of your event and prevent any undesirable setbacks that might occur during your special day. The goal is to keep intact the well-being of your guests and the all the aspects that are assigned under our protection.

Securité One has a vast portfolio of customers around the island.


- Wedding ceremonies or any other family events
- Drivers & security escorts for any other destination of the couple or the family
- Safe money transportation of the money
- We organize and manage the parking areas during the whole ceremony

Our guards are specifically trained to handle V.I.P protection situations; they are intelligent, confident and ethical, and are trained in international centres from abroad and within the country.

The V.I.P guards are disciplined, modest, reliable, alert, well organized with international qualifications in the areas of V.I.P. vehicle driving, trained dogs, first aid, lifeguard training and so forth. They possess all the necessary legal qualifications according to legislation.

Because our company is based upon the fundamentals of professionalism and reliability, we tend to focus upon the behavioral attitude and manners of our personnel.

Securité One is the first private security company in Cyprus with a Female V.I.P. escort team.


Securité One complies with the Cyprus Government legislation 115 (I) 2007 referring to the enforcement of security in Ports & Marinas. The significance of these areas made us employ highly skilled personnel, able to commit to the needs and demands of this field.

We put into practice entry controls to workers and vehicles / control of entry passes / vehicle and foot patrols / controls with cameras and alarms / security escort for people of high importance or in case of emergencies.

In force is a Highly advanced Central Monitoring Station that ensures continues control and protection against any unpleasant event during day and night through our Security Systems or Close Circuit Television.

The monitoring station operates 24/7.

Focusing on the best standards according to the global markets, we provide the most effective Patrol Control System.

The Patrol is carried out through modern and up-to-date practices, with the use of appropriate cars and equipment, so safety is assured when it comes to family, premises or any other areas of the customers of interest.

Securité One, provides professional customized Lifeguard Services according to the requirements and demands of organizations or individuals when needed.

Highly trained professionals who possess the knowledge and skills to overcome extreme situations and be at assistance at any time. By offering the highest level of professional lifeguard services, it results in the minimization or even the elimination of the loss of human lives.

Securite One offers at its premises advanced key management technology.

Our key management system involves certain and effective policies and procedures that ensure the safety of the keys in possession and make sure nothing fall into the wrong hands.